Shepherd Biblically.  
Serve Graciously.  
Send Faithfully.

We welcome you to join us as we grow in our knowledge of Christ and love for Christ! 

PRBC longs to see middle and high school students discipled in Christ! Our students are taught the Gospel weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays in an encouraging environment. Additionally, monthly big events are geared to keep students excited in the faith and connected to the body of Christ. Students are challenged to deepen their faith in the Lord by learning the Scriptures, fellowshipping together, and developing healthy spiritual habits.

The 229 Student Ministry of Perimeter Road Baptist Church strives to:


Weekly Gatherings


Sunday mornings our middle school and high school students take part in Core Doctrine Lessons Community Group Lessons beginning at 9:00am in the Student Loft.

Each month a different Core Doctrine lesson is taught to the students in one big group before the students are divided into their Community Groups. The goal for this time is to help students become familiar with theological concepts and develop a doctrinal foundation. The doctrines include: Holiness, Imago Dei, Sovereignty, Justification, and more.

During Community Groups the students have Adult Leaders teaching them Bible Study Lessons from The Gospel Project. The lessons build on one another from week and come directly from the Word. This is a great time for students think together on biblical concepts and to deepen their understanding of the Scriptures.


The Wednesday evening Student Service begins at 6:15pm in the Student Loft and includes three main elements: Thinking, Preaching, and Singing.

The Wednesday "229 Student Service" starts with students gathering into gender and age specific Small Groups (Middle School Boys, Middle School Girls, High School Boys, and High School Girls). In the groups students are led by adult leaders through reading passages and answering conversational questions. The purpose of the group is to get the students thinking critically in advance about the Bible passage that is about to be taught.

The Preaching is led by the Student Pastor or sometimes a Guest Preacher who strives to faithfully communicate a Bible passage in a way that students can understand and apply. Sermons are typically exegetical in nature, although occasionally will be topical in nature. Every message taught is prayerfully given to help students understand God's Word.

Our Student Music Team leads songs that are Scripturally sound, re-emphasizing the Gospel message preached. The Student Music Team consists of both adults and students. The Music Team strives joyfully to point everyone's mind and heart to Christ through song.

Ministry Values

Primary Goals

We believe if students are encouraged to learn chemistry algebra, and parallel parking they should also be encouraged to learn healthy, biblical theology. Students can learn to live for Christ now! Three primary goals set forth for every student by the Student Ministry Leaders is that every student would learn 1) The message of the Gospel, 2) How to read and understand the Bible, and 3) the discipline of daily, private prayer. 

The Word of God

It is absolutely vital for 6th-12th grade students to learn sound doctrine! In consideration of the staggering number of claims made by unChristians in our world today there has never been a more timely occasion than now to teach young people God's truth. God's Word contains this very truth and students must be encouraged to hear the Word taught, read the Word for themselves, and learn how to study the Word the right way.

Parent Partnership

Parents are called by God to be the front-runners in discipleship for their children. Our student ministry highly values parent-partnership and views this partnership as paramount in healthy Christian ministry. We believe students can count on their parents and their pastors to support in their walk with Christ. Parents receive newsletters which include encouragement in God's Word, ways to keep their student involved in our ministry, and are always welcome to meet with our Student Pastor for prayer and counsel.


The Christian life is designed by God to be lived in community with other growing believers. Fellowship with Christians fosters greater desire for the Word, increased strength over temptation, and encouragement in holy living. The leaders in the 229 Student Ministry are hopeful and expectant that students will find the weekly gatherings and special events to be a welcoming for all students. 


From Flag Football in the mud, to Apologetics Conferences, and even Summer Camp at the beach, the 229 Student Ministry plans events regularly that geared to keep students engaged with the Church and Christ.

The "Upcoming Events" Handout is available in the Student Loft and includes dates and descriptions for Student Events held throughout the academic year. You can also find event updates, sign up information, and ask questions about events through the 229 Student Ministry Facebook page.