What is biblical Counseling?

Scripture speaks to all of life, our whole person, and everything we engage in, therefore it is relevant to any problem we encounter (2 Pet 1:3-4). Because Scripture is the inspired Word of God, it is authoritative in informing how we are to change and conform our lives to the person of Jesus Christ. It is through the power God works by the Holy Spirit through the widsom of God’s word that man is changed, encouraged, healed, rebuked, and corrected (2 Tim 3:16-17). Counseling therefore is a ministry of the Word of God that relies on the Spirit of God to effect healing and change (Rom 15:4). Since Scripture is sufficient, it provides all that is necessary to understand Christ and his redemption, man in his sins and sufferings, and how to interpret man through the lens of the Biblical narrative. In Christ alone is found the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col 2:3). 

Who are the counselors?

We believe that all of our Pastors are called and equipped to shepherd the flock in all matters of their spiritual walk with Christ as they faithfully submit to the Scriptures as their guide. Therefore, our pastors are counselors who are willing to walk alongside you with any problem you may be facing. In addition, members of our staff and laymen in our congregation have been certified, or are in the process of being certified, as biblical counselors through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

What type of problems may be addressed?

Counseling is available for any problems you may be facing – marriage, parenting, conflicts, grief, addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, etc. We believe the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction not only for faith, but also for the practical issues of life (2 Peter 1:3, Romans 15:4).

What will be expected of me?

In order for counseling to be successful it requires commitment. Expectations in counseling include but are not limited to: good attendance, completion of homework, church attendance, and devotions to godly disciplines. After you fill out the form below it will also be expected that you fill out any subsequent forms provided by the counselor.

How do I begin?

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.

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