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At Perimeter Road, we are truly blessed to have a loving church that serves Jesus and a great house to worship in together.  The worship center  is approaching the 15 year mark and our goal is to have it paid in full soon after that time.  

In March of 2013, we will start giving to “The Big Dent.”  This special giving emphasis will span through April and our desire is to put a huge “Dent” in the remaining building debt!

The Challenge:

Pray.  What would God have you give to “The Big Dent”
Rejoice.  That you can have a part in making a “Big Dent”
Give.   With a joyful heart, give your special offering in the months of March and April.  We ask that the offering you bring is above and beyond your normal weekly/monthly offering.  

Remaining Debt:  $450,000 (in March 2013)

What a blessing and time of rejoicing it will be when the debt is paid in full!  That day is fast approaching!  

Thank you for serving at PRBC and be glad, for great things are ahead!